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A normal day of work as the station’s management in psychiatry – part II

Part II: A morning like no other – and yet everyday

In my previous Blog post I described how one can start my work day. As in the real-world Experience is, the elapsed time and words when Writing so fast that I was penetrated at the end of the contribution until the morning.

The day goes on.

09.50 PM

Assessments. I have to as a station line every two years, the task to rate my 14 employees. Similar to a report and testimony in the school. I review the assessments of 2014. Who has changed in which direction? Who came since then, a new Team and gets his initial assessment? I will start with the assessment of my representation. All of the other assessments, I would like to create together with you, to incorporate in this activity.

10.15 am

A Call. From a correctional facility. As a station line to my number on the hospital website, and requests from the outside go to me. The officer enquired about the treatment options for one of its inmates, has a personality disorder. After the addition, any outstanding punishment you would like to make a therapy. Prospects in front of us in a first interview and then come on our waiting list. During the conversation, the interested person would be wearing ankle cuffs, informed me the official. An unusual Situation, but this is our everyday life.

10.30 am

I moderate the current skills group – an offer, based on the “Dialectical Behavoriale therapy” by Marsha Linehan. In the group offer, the participants should learn, what you remember, when you are tense. We will discuss how you can not calm down, to lose control over their behavior. There are today only three patients. There are actually six, but it is often the case that patients forget the participation in, or out of fear of Overwork avoid. The three patients are well, and through this mutual trust, it comes to a very open exchange.

11.30 am

The skills group is finished. My task now is to make a note in the files of the participants, how they behave, how they were doing, and what I’ve observed. That happens analog, with pencil and paper. After that, I have to enter on the PC, as long as the therapy lasted. So for our billing Department, what we do. There are clinics in which everything in the PC is registered. This has advantages and disadvantages – all of these points would fill up a whole post.


I’ve got a break. Before the day comes to me but clinical patient, the went it in last night so bad. How’s that gone? I ask a colleague. The patient was now in the Rounds. She’s still bad. A solution that satisfies everyone, could not be found, but the patient was able to distance itself from the idea, to no longer want to live for the Moment. Our task now is to continue to be for the patient and to take them seriously.

11.45 am

Break! I’m hungry. If I wanted to, I could go for 30 minutes in the canteen. I’ll bring mine but prefer something and do it in the microwave to warm, or there is a fresh salad. A Moment to breathe and for the first Time today to think about what I could do in the evening, is doing well. Because then the thought comes to the rest of the working day and the second half begins.

What happens in the afternoon, read in my next article.