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“Monadología” Extract

When you reason about something, we imagine to have an idea of this thing, and this is the foundation on which some philosophers ancient and modern have formed a certain demonstration of the existence of God, which is very imperfect.As they say it is necessary for me to have an idea of God or of a Perfect Being since I think of him, and that he could not think without the idea. Now, the idea of this Being contains all perfections, and existence is one of them; therefore God exists… But as we often think in chimeras impossible, for example, in the largest number, this reasoning is insufficient. In this sense, therefore, it can be said that there are true ideas and false, depending on whether the thing in question is or is not possible. And one can then boast of having the idea of the thing when you are sure of its possibility. In this way, the argument above test at least that God exists necessarily, if it is possible. Which is, in effect, a privilege of the divine nature to need only its possibility or essence in order to really exist. (Ens a Se).

So, only God is the Unity Primitva, or the Substance Single Original, of which are reproductions of the monads, created or derived. This substance is simple and primitive encloses in itself so eminently the perfections contained in substances arising from it, which are its effects…

God is the Sun and the Light of Souls. God is the Light that enlightens every Man coming into the World (Lumen illuminans omnen Hominen venientem in hunc Mundum). Gottfried W. Leibniz @elsociologo