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How tight should a drain bolt be?

How tight should a drain bolt be?

It should be snug, NOT SUPER TIGHT! Occasionally I used to go to an oil change place (a chain) and would ask them to not over tighten the drain plug. The greeter said, OK. I don’t always go to the same one but I would make this request anywhere I went.

Do you have to torque oil drain plug?

you don’t have to be exact with torque 30-36 ft lbs would be fine with your drain plug. to keep things in perspective, if this is your first oil change on this car, then there would have been at least one oil changer that ran your drain plug down with an impact, and probably no one used a torque wrench.

How much does it cost to tighten lug nuts with an impact wrench?

How Much Should a Lug Nut be Torqued? You should torque the lug nuts of a car wheel around 80-100 lbs-ft. This amount is tight enough to keep those in place but not too tight to be unable to remove them again.

Why does a torque wrench need to be set back to zero when not being used?

Anyone working in torque will have been taught to wind their torque wrench back to zero after every use. Certainly, if the wrench is wound back at all it should not be adjusted below the minimum scale marking (usually 20% of maximum) – never to zero as this can adversely affect the calibration of the wrench.

What happens if you dont store torque wrench at lowest setting?

A torque wrench in regular use doesn’t need to be wound back. If you expect to store a torque wrench for more than a few weeks, always wind it down to the lowest scale setting (never to zero). Storing a fully loaded torque wrench can result in a set in the spring, weakening the spring over time.

When a click type torque wrench reaches its set point?

Click Wrenches When the set torque is reached, the tool typically emits a loud audible “click.” The operator can feel the impulse from the tool and most break about 3 degrees after the set torque is reached and then become positive. This positive action can cause over-torque conditions.