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modern Chile

I admit that I’ve never understood most of the discussions on modernity, and on whether Chile is a modern society or not.

As far as I can see, this is a country distinctly modern: I Travel every day using a public transport system under a plan that -bad or good – could only be created in a modern society (does Anyone know something like the Transantiago in the 1700’s of any society?). Our systems of social security can be many things -bad, very individual and a little bit social, with little coverage – the fact is that only in a modern society things happen as have accounts of AFP for retirement (in reality, what traditional society has the concept of a retiree who receives revenue?). I was educated at a lyceum, municipal, and the whole idea of universal education under organizations (in addition to follow a structure of 12 years between primary education and secondary) are fully modern. And so I could go with virtually any element of my daily life.

For the case, the ancient is modern: The regulations bureaucratic than, for example, our dear state wants to abandon to modernize were what was modernity 50 years ago. Now, someone could retrucar that of the old modern, is restricted, so don’t overdo it: the antiquity of the rural world is not modern.

Which is true, and also allows us to date the full modernity of the chilean society: When did the inquilinaje, to say it in other ways, the old peasantry. The rural world can be modern (let’s say, one can be a modern day farmer, an agricultural wage modernized). The only thing that, in truth, it may not be modern is the farmer. To be precise, the tenants may not be modern.

What that ends up showing, once more, what is central to Land Reform: Among other things, marks the point at which Chile became a modern society.

(*) The reader, so much the attentive as the inattentive, you may notice that this whole discussion is based on the fact that modernity is an institutional form, not a cultural project. To put it another way, modernity has nothing to do with -say anything – the project to which human beings can create autonomámente the society. But that has always been, in the end, no more than a political project that wants to do spend your own project as the modernity. And all it does is produce that does not look at what actually happens.