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The blog is reactivated

Personal issues several have occupied the time that was available to update this blog. However, since today Psychology information started to train again your activity, to continue providing you with news and items that may be of interest to you.And it does so with two innovations.

The first is obvious: a change of WordPress template. The new theme (“Skylark”) provides a hint of color and, in my opinion, improves readability with respect to the previous template.

The second novelty is more interesting: the blog launches a new page on Facebook. So, from now on you will be able to follow the new entries via email subscription or by clicking a “Like” on your page.

Finally, wanted to say thanks to all the people who have visited the blog during this period of time, and also to those who have left your comments (that I have not always been able to respond as they deserved).

Above, you can read the first post of this new stage: Disinformation: how it originates and how to combat it.

Thanks again, and greetings.