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What is an approved public entertainment facility?

What is an approved public entertainment facility?

(2) “Public entertainment facility” means an arena, stadium, automobile race track, amphitheater, auditorium, theater, civic center, convention center, or similar facility that is primarily designed and used for live artistic, theatrical, cultural, educational, charitable, musical, sporting, nationally sanctioned …

It is legal for a person to have both a Texas Driver’s License and a Texas Identification Card. If a customer presents an ID where the physical description does not match the photograph of the person: Do not accept the ID as proof of age because it may be forged or altered ID.

What is meant by blood alcohol concentration quizlet?

Blood Alcohol Concentration is the percentage of alcohol related to the total amount of blood in the body.

What is the meaning of blood alcohol concentration?

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels represent the percent of your blood that is concentrated with alcohol. A BAC of . 10 means that . 1% of your bloodstream is composed of alcohol.

What are the four factors of BAC?

There are many important individual factors and circumstances that affect blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

  • How Quickly You Drink.
  • Body Weight.
  • Altitude.
  • Food in the Stomach.
  • Male or Female.
  • The Size of a Drink.
  • Type of Mix Used.
  • Medications.

Does eating food after drinking lower BAC?

Eating food, either before or while drinking, essentially slows absorption rates. Slower rates mean that less alcohol enters a person’s bloodstream (when compared to a drinker that does not eat). This reduction of alcohol in the blood translates into reduced levels of blood alcohol concentration.

What does the National Minimum Drinking Age prohibit?

The 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act, [23 U.S.C. § 158], requires that States prohibit persons under 21 years of age from purchasing or publicly possessing alcoholic beverages as a condition of receiving State highway funds.

What does BAC not depend on?

Answer: Your Blood Alcohol Concentration does not depend on what kind of alcoholic beverage you drink, how physically fit you are, or how well you can “hold your liquor.” It takes only a few drinks to raise your Blood Alcohol Concentration to illegal levels.

Does your BAC level depend on your weight?

Generally, the less you weigh, the more you will be affected by the consumption of alcohol. In other words, a lower body weight makes for a higher concentration of alcohol in the body. This is because the BAC in your body is measured as the total amount of alcohol divided by your total amount of body water.

Should you always look straight ahead when you drive?

Always scan the road ahead. Do not use the road or even the vehicle ahead as your only points of focus. Look ahead so you can prevent, or decrease, possible problems. Keep your eyes moving, notice what is happening at the sides of the road, and check behind you through your mirrors every few seconds.

What are the three ways alcohol can leave the body?

It is estimated that between 90% and 98% of all alcohol that enters the body is metabolized and absorbed. The remaining alcohol is then expelled from the body through sweat, urine, vomit, and feces.