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Why was Montezuma so passive towards Cortez?

Why was Montezuma so passive towards Cortez?

Answer. Answer: Still believing that Cortés might be Quetzalcoatl, Moctezuma II gave the Spanish many gifts and allowed them to stay as guests in the Aztec capital. This is because Moctezuma II continued to rule over the Aztec Empire and city of Tenochtitlan from his imprisonment in the Aztec palace.

Who did Montezuma think Cortes was and why?

An unnerving series of coincidences led Montezuma to believe that perhaps Cortés was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, who had promised to return one day to reclaim his kingdom. Quetzalcoatl, “the feathered serpent,” stood for the solar light, the morning star. He symbolized knowledge, arts, and religion.

What do you think Moctezuma means when he says to Cortes now you have arrived on the earth?

Explanation: According to a prophecy, Quetzalcoatl had centuries earlier banished from the gulf coast. Priests from the cult of the feathered serpent had left Mexico from the same coast which Cortes had arrived and legend claimed the god had light skin. The god Quetzalcoatl promised to one day return.

What did Moctezuma say to Cortés?

Moctezuma addressed Cortés in these words: “Our lord, you are very welcome in your arrival in this land. You have come to satisfy your curiosity about your noble city of Mexico.

Why did the Aztecs lose against the Spanish?

1 Answer. The overthrow of the Aztec Empire by Cortez and his expedition rests on three factors: The fragility of that empire, the tactical advantages of Spanish technology, and smallpox.

Who finally found the treasure What was it?

The student, Jack Stuef, 32, discovered the stash of gold nuggets, gemstones and pre-Columbian artifacts on June 6 in Wyoming, the grandson of the now-deceased antiquities dealer Forrest Fenn wrote on a website dedicated to the treasure.

Was Fenn’s treasure really found?

This past June, Fenn announced that the treasure had been found by a man from “back east” who wanted to remain anonymous—even, once we were in contact, to me. So while he remained guarded about his solve and the location where he discovered the treasure, he now didn’t mind telling me who he really was.

Was Fenn’s treasure found?

Fenn estimated over 350,000 people searched for the chest, and a few even died on their journey. Stuef spent two years searching for Fenn’s treasure, which included gold, jewelry and other artifacts believed to total over $1 million. He finally found it in the Wyoming wilderness in June.

Did people find hidden treasure?

Hidden Treasure Chest Filled With Gold And Gems Is Found In Rocky Mountains. Fenn announced in June that the treasure had been found — but he wouldn’t say where exactly it was found or who found it. Fenn died in September at age 90. His family confirmed on Monday that it was Stuef who found Fenn’s treasure.

Is Forrest Fenn Still Alive 2020?

Deceased (1930–2020)

Who is the hidden treasure Kpop?

THE MEMBERS As its name suggests, TREASURE 13 consists of 13 members: Haruto, Bang Yedam, So Junghwan, Kim Junkyu, Park Jeongwoo, Yoon Jaehyuk, Choi Hyunsuk, Ha Yoonbin, Mashiho, Kim Doyoung, Yoshinori, Park Jihoon, and Asahi.

What year Blackpink will disband?


Why did Yoonbin leave Treasure 13?

As most ‘YG Treasure Box’ fans know, Yoonbin was originally supposed to debut with Treasure as part of the rap line. However, at the end of 2019, he pulled out of YG due to creative differences, instead putting his energy into his solo work under the stage name ‘Ben.

Who is the oldest in treasure?